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Munko family – Vasyl, Maryna, Nikita, Timofiy, Bohdan

Munko family – Vasyl, Maryna, Nikita, Timofiy, Bohdan

Vasyl Munko is a presbyter of an independent Bible church in Lviv. He was born in March, 19, 1981 in the town of Dubrovycia in the Rivne region. In 1998, Vasyl, who was seventeen years old, came to faith in God and underwent water baptism. This occurred through the testimony of his mother and uncle.

From 1996 until 2000, he studied at Myrogoshcha Agrarian College with a specialization in electrification and automatization of agriculture. Vasyl participated in Sunday school services and choir, in foundation of churches and in youth programs, as well as in organization of summer camps for children and teenagers.

Vasyl began his studies at the Ukrainian Bible Institute in 2000, and then he studied at Kyiv Bible College “Word of God” under the leadership of President James Myers from 2002 until 2004.  Here he successfully graduated with a “Bachelor of Theology” degree. In 2003, Vasyl became an ordained deacon at the “Word of God” church and actively served as a missionary in Belarus, where he led youth services and Bible studies.

Maryna came to faith during a Christian summer camp in 2002. Afterwards she serviced at hospitals and sunday school for children. Vasyl and Maryna married in 2003, and now they bring up three sons – Nikita (born in June 26, 2005), Tymofiy (born in May 24, 2008) and Bohdan (born in February 14, 2012).

The aim of the service of Vasyl Munko is the foundation and strengthening of an independent evangelical church in Lviv. In December 16, 2007, Vasyl was ordained to the service of a presbyter in the “Word of God” church in Kyiv with the purpose of the foundation of a new church.  He was ordained by James F. Myers, the presbyter of this local church, senior presbyter Bruce M. Bumgardner (Pine Valley Bible Church, Houston, Texas, USA), and the deacons: Oleg Lozynskiy, Viktor Voitekh, and Oleksandr Vladimirov. Now it is important for the Lviv church to create a worship choir. Brother Vasyl also serves as a teacher in a “Word of God” Bible college in Kyiv.

baptism in august, 2008

baptism in august, 2008

Photos by Kateryna Demediuk & Serhii Chepara

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